Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet My Mentor!

As most of you know, I practice dentistry at South Court Dental Medicine in Medina, Ohio. What you may not know, is the history of this practice and the dentist who made it all happen. I am proud to introduce my mentor, Dr. Jeff Esterburg.

Dr. Esterburg, a Pittsburgh transplant, began practicing in Medina in 1976, founding South Court Dental Medicine. He provides our community with excellent dental care and maintains a staff position at Medina General Hospital. Dr. Esterburg holds a teaching position at Case Western Reserve University and serves on the ethics committee for the American Dental Association.

Aside from his impressive credentials, Dr. Jeff Esterburg is great dentist and a great guy. He is tireless in his dedication to his patients and their oral health. His emphasis on providing excellent dentistry shows in the quality of his work, but also the attitude of his staff. Patients know when they see Dr. Esterburg, they are receiving an honest opinion and top-notch care.

I am so proud to be working alongside Dr. Jeff Esterburg and truly grateful for the clinical and ethical leadership he provides our practice. If you would like to meet my mentor and the other terrific professionals who make up the South Court Dental team, contact our office at (330) 725-0581. We are located on South Court Street in Medina, Ohio:

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