Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 4 Dental-Dangerous Snacks at the Movie Theater

Movies in the theater are so much better with SNACKS! But sadly, some of my all-time favorite movie treats pose serious risks to your teeth and dental work.

Below I list the four movie treats most dangerous to your teeth and dental work. Funny that they all come with yellow packaging. So when you see yellow-boxed treats at the snack counter, think, "Caution, consume with care!"

4. Popcorn

I love popcorn, but you can't deny that it gets stuck everywhere! Be sure to follow the show with some flossing. Also, watch out for those un-popped kernels; they've been known to crack a tooth when bitten the wrong way.

3. Sugar Babies

Sticky caramels sit on teeth through the whole movie and aren't easily washed away by your saliva. Not to mention, these can be sticky enough to pull off temporary or even permanent crowns.

2. Gobstoppers

"Everlasting" layers of hard candy, you can suck on a Gobstopper for a long time. But most people don't wait—they bite right through before the candy gets soft. Biting through a rock-hard Gobstopper can easily fracture a tooth or chip a crown.

1. Jujyfruits

Jujuyfruits combine the worst of all these treats: they are the most sticky, hard to bite through, and they don't wash off teeth easily (so the cavity-causing sugar lingers). If you have crown, bridge or veneer work in your mouth be extra careful. A Jujyfruit candy could rip one of these right off. 


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