Friday, August 28, 2015

Technology offers solutions for adults seeking straight teeth

I wanted to share a news article about the adult orthodontics service we offer: 

Adults looking to straighten their teeth can now get the smile they have always wanted – in just six months – through a cosmetic-braces system available at a Medina dental practice. Using a revolutionary orthodontic system called Six Month Smiles, Dr. Kate Cartwright, of South Court Dental Medicine, is removing the barriers adults typically face when pursuing orthodontic treatment. “Adults want straight front teeth,” says Dr. Cartwright, “but don’t get the orthodontics they need because of time, cost, and the appearance of metal braces. With Six Month Smiles, we can change all that."

The Six Month Smiles technique offers tremendous advantages over traditional metal braces. Unlike traditional braces, this procedure straightens teeth in an average of just six months and uses low forces to comfortably move teeth. The Six Month Smiles system utilizes specialized clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, making them virtually invisible. Finally, the procedure requires fewer dentist visits and is typically less expensive than traditional braces.

While, as a dentist, Dr. Cartwright can explain the health benefits of straight teeth—improved gum health and less tooth wear—it’s most exciting to hear the life-changing accounts of adults who were able to straighten their front teeth with Six Month Smiles. Dr. Cartwright mentions one particular story, “We have a patient getting married next year. You can imagine how great it feels to tell her that, yes, she can have a beautiful new smile when she walks down the aisle.”

About Dr. Kate Cartwright/South Court Dental Medicine

South Court Dental Medicine ( is located at 1063 South Court Street in Medina, Ohio—just south of the historic Medina square. Dr. Kate Cartwright earned her degree from Case Western Reserve University dental school and was further trained in residency at the VA Hospital in downtown Cleveland. As a general dentist, Dr. Cartwright provides dental services to patients of all ages.


  1. I've got a edge to edge bite I might be getting braces I have an overbite and I have a few crooked teeth.

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