About Dr. Kate

Welcome to drkatedental.com, my website of dental fun and information. As a dentist, I tend to think of health, beauty, and family topics as they relate to my favorite subject, teeth! I can't help it— dentistry is my passion and I love what I do. I invite you to stop by often and see what I've discovered that is fun, funny, helpful, cute, or interesting in dentistry (and sometimes life).

Who is Dr. Kate?

Kate Cartwright, DMD

I am a practicing dentist at South Court Dental Medicine in Medina, Ohio. 


Learn more about our practice and staff at southcourtdental.com.


  • I hold a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, DMD for short, from Case Western Reserve University.
  • I hold a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Development and wrote my thesis on Literacy Strategies for Young Children. 
  • I worked for three years at an investment bank, writing marketing and advertising for financial products.  
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