Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Can whitening hurt your teeth?

Tooth whitening products work in one of two ways:
Using mild abrasives to polish off surface stains OR
Bleaching teeth with peroxide.

Both of these methods can harm teeth if used improperly or excessively. For example, using abrasives on teeth can wear away at the tooth structure. This typically does not affect the enamel unless you are using something that's not made for the teeth (pumices, household cleansers,'d be surprised what people do), you are brushing with hard brushes, or you are brushing excessively with these produces.

Bleaching the teeth can cause sensitivity. Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical used in tooth whitening gels. It opens up the pores in your teeth called "dental tubules," making you significantly more sensitive to temperature and sweets.

Your gums can be damaged by overbleaching. The peroxide gel can irritate or even burn the gum tissue causing recession. When your gums recede, the root surfaces of the teeth are exposed. These surfaces, normally protected by the gums, are more susceptible to decay and sensitivity.

Are you obsessed with whitening the teeth? Don't fall victim to "Bleachorexia." This ABC news segment outlines the important points on tooth whitening:

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