Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Teething Tale

Moms are concerned about timing as their baby starts teething. Too early? Too late? Teeth at birth? So many scenarios are possible, and within normal development. Here we will watch tooth timing and eruption in one case. 

Meet our model, Miss Hanley.

Right on time

At 6 months and one week, Hanley's two lower front teeth have pushed through. This is textbook teething; the lower central teeth are usually the first to erupt and they do so at about 6 months.

What's next?

The top two central teeth should be next to erupt. Stay tuned to see when our model has more new choppers.


"Cutting teeth" is highly variable among children.  If you have concerns about the timing and eruption of your child's teeth, talk to your pediatrician. At this age, your child should be seeing the doctor frequently for check-ups, anyway. I especially recommend consulting the pediatrician if you see teeth erupting out of order (back teeth before front) or there are any gum irregularities or sore spots (beyond what's around erupting teeth).

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