Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Most Difficult Teeth to Clean

Did you miss a spot? 

Dental hygienists are reporting the teeth most often neglected when brushing are those on the lower right, specifically the surfaces of the molars facing the tongue. See the image below. A study also finds this area to have the highest levels of plaque and gingivitis compared to the rest of your mouth. 

The teeth most often forgotten when brushing are the lower right molars. This brush is pointing to the tongue side, which dental hygienists say has the worst plaque buildup due to neglect.

What can you do? 

If there are specific teeth you know you neglect, start your brushing in this area. Or better, develop a brushing pattern: 

  1. Always start and end in the same spots.
  2. Include all tooth surfaces (cheek-side, biting surface, tongue-side, backs).
  3. Brush for a full two minutes, giving yourself enough time to be thorough.

Rogers, C. Would starting toothbrushing on the lower right lingual reduce tissue swelling from inflammation? OHU Action Research. 2014: 9A-13.

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