Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

I'm know as a dentist I should tell you not to eat sugar, but I can't help making an exception by honoring July 4th with the best summer treat ever created. It goes by many names (see below), all of which mean the same thing...AWESOME.

Behold, the Red, White and Blue Ice Pop

Turbo Rocket Popsicle
Bomb Pops (more like "da Bomb" Pops)
Rocket Pops
The Bullet Firecracker
Firecracker Popsicles
Patriotic Ice Pops 

Added bonus, it's guaranteed to turn your entire mouth—teeth included—PURPLE for hours. Try to wash the food dye away quickly by swishing vigorously with water right after you finish the treat. After fireworks, make sure you brush your tongue good to get the purple off, as well.

Did you know this by another name? Comment and let me know.

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